Rock solid dedicated servers, individually benchmarked, ready for deployment, hosted in our own Tier 3 and Tier 4 data centers with 24/7/365 staff on site. Our leading performance per dollar can be seen in our Head to Head comparisons with other hosting companies.


    Have you tried inexpensive VPS or Cloud servers at other providers? You`ve probably found that they`re all but unusable. We do things differently. By limiting the number of servers per hypervisor, our $9 VPS offering is a server you can actually use.


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When it comes time to deploy a server in production, we believe there are some strong reasons to choose SicherHosting . There is no faster way to run a production website or web application than on a fast dedicated server, and ours are the fastest we know of. We operate the best data centers we know of. We have the best performance/value combination in the industry we know of. We`ve assembled some information on these points we think you might find useful.

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